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Postby mikem » Thu Aug 20 2015, 05:40

Hi, any OH58A pilots here?
I have some questions about W&B for the OH-58

We are working on adding support for OH-58A to iBal. It already supports a range of B206 variants, but not yet the OH-58A.

We have the US army Operators Manual TM 55-1520-228-10 of 1989 but its a bit puzzling, since it does not include lateral arms for anything (including the seats) nor are there lateral CG limits specified. The MTOW is given as 3200lbs.

The type certificate http://www.webcitation.org/5JuiZJjx7 shows a joint entry for the
III - Model 206A-1 (OH-58A) 4 PCLH (Normal Category), Approved May 6, 1969
with lateral limits of +2.6" and -2.4", but a MTOW of 3000lbs.

So what gives? Is the army operators manual based on something other than normal category? Did army pilots just ignore lateral CG? (which would be weird because at least one accident report blames the pilot for exceeding the lateral CG capability). Is there a more recent FM that resolves these issues?

Can any current or past pilots comment on these inconsistencies?

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