How to sell a B47

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How to sell a B47

Postby Schmacko » Thu Oct 22 2015, 05:26

How do I sell a B47 G3B1 without using a broker and without having the hassle of a million phone calls from tyre kickers.
Sorry I'm just feeling depressed at the moment.....err maybe lazy.

Bell 47
Good hours...... gorgeous machine.........rebuilt by Airwork in Caboolture........located Sth Aust.....$157000.00

There I did it happy now......go and wash the dishes

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kev kavanna
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Re: How to sell a B47

Postby kev kavanna » Sat Dec 26 2015, 04:16

Gday Schmacko,

Did you end up selling the Bell 47 ?

Cheers Kev

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