R44 running Mogas

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Re: R44 running Mogas

Postby Hello Pilots » Sat Nov 14 2020, 09:16

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Re: R44 running Mogas

Postby agusta » Sun Nov 15 2020, 04:20

Avgas 100 $2.2 NZD at the moment. Was 2.50 a couple months back
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Re: R44 running Mogas

Postby wotyaup2 » Sat Nov 21 2020, 12:21

davestewart wrote:Been talking with an operator who runs R44 on Mogas, any idea if this is legal/safe.

I worked for a company around 2014, had the stc for mo gas, can only be done in a raven 1, fuel can’t contain any ethanol, must run a full tank of av gas once every 50 hrs and tell pax it’s running mo gas.

All that said would I recommend it? That’s a big fat nope, money is not the be all especially since it was the cause of massive detonation leading to engine failure.

Some engineers say the timing needs to change to run it but there is no Lycoming guidelines for this.

If you value your life more than saving a few $$ then avoid this.

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