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Importing From the USA

Posted: Thu Nov 17 2011, 23:01
by GBA
Could anyone recomend a company that can assist in importing a R22 from the states? any one got any bad/good experiences? also what sort of costs are involved, any advice/help would be Appreciated.


Re: Importing From the USA

Posted: Fri Nov 18 2011, 03:10
by Pegs

yes I can recommend a company, they will do everything for you, including arranging it to be stripped down, and we used them 12 months ago to import our aircraft and found them very professional. You need to speak to Chrissy at C & H Freight, they are at Tullamarine.

PH: (03) 9330 0800

we found them very good as I said, if you want to know anymore about the importing process feel free to PM there are a few things you may want to know, and a few things we found out the hard way.

Re: Importing From the USA

Posted: Fri Nov 18 2011, 05:39
by overboost
Hi GBA, just out of curiosity, what is the reason for importing an R22 from the US?

The reason I ask is I have looked into doing just that with a few machines myself and the conclusion I have come to on both occasions is that the import costs, cost of dismantling and rebuilding, cost of CofA etc and the sleepless nights far out weigh the benefits of importing a machine that is readily available in Australia, which an R22 comes into that category. The only machines it is worth doing it for is something out of the ordinary (like the Luscombe that Pegs imported) or something worth over $500k- $1mil. That is just what I have found anyway.

If it is a good R22 you want, you can buy mine and I will buy something that runs on JetA1.

Interested to hear your thoughts...

Re: Importing From the USA

Posted: Fri Nov 18 2011, 06:49
by Pegs
Agree with overboost, and GBA in case you feel like reading through the thread we did on importing an Aircraft, the link is viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3211&st=0&sk=t&sd=a

Re: Importing From the USA

Posted: Fri Nov 18 2011, 07:01
by GBA
Thanks Pegs, Will have a read through that thread.

overboost, just came across a cheap beta2 very low hrs ectra, was thinking if it didnt cost too much might to get it over it work out a good deal.

Re: Importing From the USA

Posted: Fri Nov 18 2011, 08:15
by overboost
Those machines always look tempting... If you could get it for less than $120k it might be worth doing.

A few thing to keep in mind if you do;

Don't forget the calendar time on the machine.. Early beta2's are rapidly getting to the 12 year mark.

You can't get finance for a machine overseas so you will have to have the cash to hand over.

I would be inclined to get on a plane and go over there to fly it, watch it get dismantled etc. One ding on a blade or one stone chip on the tail rotor can be a heart breaker, not to mention a wallet breaker.

No dealer warranty.

From my experience there is no such thing as a cheap helicopter, I am in a lucky position to be able to own a private machine, I bought it new and it is a good reliable, well maintained machine, that gets from one 100hourly to the next without a problem yet it still makes my accountants eyes water when he sees the bills for it come across his desk... Just imagine what it could be like for a machine that you have no idea of the history of. My 2 bobs worth anyway.

I am all for buying a machine and don't let my rantings stop you going through the process, just there is nothing worse than doing something that you regret later...

Re: Importing From the USA

Posted: Tue Nov 22 2011, 04:00
by overboost
Just a footnote to this post; I spoke with GBA via PM regarding this machine, got the details and did some research over the weekend... It was ridiculously cheap and I smelt a rat, anyway it has turned out to be a scam, some low life trying to extort money out of people below are 2 links to 2 seperate averts... the helicopters look surprisingly similar don't you think!

Moral of the story boys and girls; buyer beware, don't trust anybody on the internet and there is no such thing as a cheap helicopter! ... 219475.htm

10 4 over and out

Re: Importing From the USA

Posted: Wed Jun 17 2020, 06:33
by dolsonlelan
Hi guys I know this is an old post but do you know any other companies that can assist me especially now that there is a pandemic going on. I dont know where to ask and then i searched for this. Thanks