Part 61 Types - Foreign Conversion

Looking for some info on converting to or from an Aussie Flight Crew License?
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Part 61 Types - Foreign Conversion

Postby UnObvious » Thu Aug 13 2015, 06:06

I'm having a bit of trouble getting a straight answer out of CASA... believe it or not.

I need to change my old license into the new part 61, so I'm filling out from 61-9TX. That bit is easy.

I also need to put some aircraft endorsements I've received overseas onto that license. They're both single engine helicopters, nothing too complicated or fancy to need it's own flight review like an R44.

One CASA person tells me to fill out form 61-4CT to get the foreign aircraft ratings put on the license.

Another CASA person tells me that I need to use form 4A.

Another CASA person tells me I don't need to fill that out at all and I'm covered already because I already have a SEH on my license.

Does this new system not require endorsements anymore? If I go to an employer and say I'm qualified to fly a type, how do they know?

Anyone had any experience with this process?
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Re: Part 61 Types - Foreign Conversion

Postby ChicoCheco » Thu Aug 13 2015, 10:12

61-4A to convert stuff from abroad to Oz.

The CT whichever other form has fields for foreign school/training provider to fill in besides log entries, obviously. That assumes you have your (most likely Part 61 new Oz licence, existing) and pop in abroad for some training.

The TX form to 'update' your old style Oz licence (I don't know them first hand, just regurgitating/paraphrasing the guidances) into new Aussie Part 61.

Indeed, your case of historical/past training abroad without having the forms filled (couldn't know and they didn't exist) and having it as log endorsements or training received, with OLD licence, likely need to use both CT and TX forms.

If you don't have actual foreign licence ONLY, then you shouldn't need 61-4A form.

You may need to do the transfer into new Part 61 form first and then, possibly after firm decision of Team Leader/inspector at CASA, not first contact admin, use whichever form they tell you or simply use the least unsuitable ones.

Welcome to Brave New World (puke).
On scale of 1 to 10, I've so far received -3 level service, delays and me having to demand some answers because they simply put stuff aside (not letting me know by any channels) and bye bye. Including 3mth waiting with bi-weekly follow up attempts. Previously wasting months to be told sorry, can't do this or that, because we can't use common sense and our licensing is different. Brickwalling my past conversion training plans. If I weren't to live in Oz for personal reasons, I'd avoid CASA by Pacific ocean berth.

Oh, it happens this silly subzero CS level was due to, guess what, WRONG information given to me 2 years ago about some paperwork for the ICAO English, due to admin 'difficulties' with FAA's English proficient. Yes, I was told porky pies be someone higher up, which in turn causes not fixing it whole past year while it was easy/simple, costing me extra money and effort just now.

You get bit of confusion cleared over few phone calls? Consider yourself lucky.

Oh, btw, the way new system's meant to work, you get SHE class and turbine endorsement in the paperwork and every new/further training on another type is meant to be 'finalised' with flight review style flight (duh!) And with such, there's supposed to be paperwork trail of the type you are checked out on. Without type on licence paper bit. How to go about past training elsewhere and 'keeping old licence endos', well, you can only do as the local flight school guys or CASA say/allow.

It's truly a bastard of a system. Aussie's own. Forced upon innocent pilots by bureaucratic machinery with limited practicality.

FAA only has SFAR73 special training/instructing/BFR requirements, then TRs for 5.7T+ kit. Anything besides theses, can be legally flown, even without training - common sense, rental or insurance dictate otherwise, but no headache of paperwork and forms for simple type checkout.

EASA have 12mth valid heli types and rules on initial, additional, renewal, revalidation, foreign experience training reduction for type test flight (still required), all need to be renewed by experience and at least annual check flight on one of the common group - sorry Robinson only pilots. Complicated but clearer and easier to prove any past experience for potential employer, besides log.

Sorry, tad off topic on the whole casa paperwork rigmarole. I'm on the receiving end and it's not helping mental health. Psst, in case Mr P N pulls my CASA medical due CASA paranoia tendency, ehrm.

I hope this fuddled info clears the mud by 5.0 shades of grey.

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