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Postby ohdearme » Wed Sep 7 2011, 07:21

Anyone had a sling load go real heavy in flight? It happened to me while carting a net load of roofing leaves to a jungle camp. Had to fly through a rain shower and my load must have doubled in weight in a few minutes. Just managed to get it to my destination and thump it onto the pad. Pickling it would have caused a lot of angst!
That was after I got the Fiji CAA to change the flight rules after jamming their HF network for an hour while doing a 100 metre rig move & calling every `landing & take-off' as required. Air Pacific raised hell, they could not land as unable to call circuit area etc but I was just following the rules! Back then, in 1970, there was no such thing as Aerial Work & ops normal calls or local SAR keeping. Only Airline Rules. Lots more - see

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