B1 converting to B2....

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B1 converting to B2....

Postby rotormech » Wed Aug 2 2017, 13:55

Just chasing info from anyone that has recently done any of the theory and POC, with any provider, towards gaining a B2 license....

I'm seriously looking at doing this, however, I'm concerned that with the recent changes to license issues. It may be a waste of my money...

My MAIN concern is that, previously, with a group 2 electrical license. It was issued in much the same way a group 19 airframe was. It covered a variety of twin engines aircraft that were under a certain weight capacity and technical complexity. (forgive me....can't remember the actual figures).

However, under the B2 license issue....much the same as the B1.3....all twin engine helicopters are now individually type licensed.

Does this mean aircraft that were previously group 2, i.e. the AS365, S76, Dauphin, EC135 etc. On issue of a full B2 license, will these airframes be covered?? Or will they all require individual type courses? Because I can see the industry running out of engineers really, REALLY quickly. Given there is nowhere in the region that offers a AS355, BK117, EC135 S76 avionics courses. Not many people are going to be able to self fund the type courses...

Any thoughts?

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