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AvSafety Seminar

Postby HVH » Mon Aug 19 2013, 05:10

I put this here in case you do not receive the emails

Attention all pilots ...September AvSafety seminars
New aviation regulations are coming, and so are the new AvSafety Seminars.
The AvSafety seminar series is specifically designed to help you understand Regulatory change including:
• New part 61 Pilot licence
• Flying School activities
• Electronic Flight Bags
• New Fatigue rules
• Performance Based navigation
• How you can participate in a range of future plans.
CASA’s aviation safety advisors (along with CASA specialists when available) will present attendees with all you need to know about regulatory change that will affect you.
The AvSafety Seminars will also showcase the new interactive education programs available online to help you keep safe in the air and on the ground. Your local aviation safety advisor will take you through Out-n-Back, OnTrack, and a range of CASA Educational resources.
Aero clubs and other aviation organisation are welcome to run Aviation Safety Seminars with ASAs presenting, however CASA will not be financially supporting the events beyond reasonable operating costs.
It will be an opportunity for shared discussions on operator and individual obligations and opportunities to ask questions and raise issues relating to regulatory change.
Australian aviation Regulatory change is happening. New Licensing regulations start on December 4 2013. Will you be ready?
September Seminars are being held at:
• Archerfield. This seminar is currently full but we have another Archerfield seminar planned and open for registration in October (includes a PBN session prior)
• Merimbula
• Moruya
• Cairns (includes a PBN session prior)
• Horn Island
• Kalgoorlie
• Camden
• Bankstown
• Shepparton
• Broome
• Bathurst
• Ballarat
• Port Macquarie
The presentations revolve around the CASA website. Please feel free to bring your tablet or smart phone to follow the information live
For a list of all seminars and to Register now - simply go to http://www.casa.gov.au/avsafety and follow the Register now link to confirm your attendance. The Seminars are free, and registration helps us to contact you in the event of any changes.
Performance Based Navigation (PBN) sessions
As indicated above, prior to the Archerfield and Cairns AvSafety seminars there will be dedicated sessions devoted to performance based navigation (PBN). (There will also be a PBN seminar at Gold Coast on 05 Sep 13, not attached to an AvSafety seminar.) The sessions will cover the concept of performance-based navigation, equipment requirements, impending deadlines and the impact on airspace and route designs. Information delivered will be of great value to aircraft operators, pilots, manufacturers and maintenance organisations and give an overview of CAO 20.91 (instructions and directions for PBN) and CAO 20.18 (aircraft equipment – basic operational requirements), the concept of PBN, GNSS and ADS-B equipment requirements, impending deadlines, and the impact on airspace/route design.
Get details of the performance based navigation information sessions and register.

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