Ground Crew SOP

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Ground Crew SOP

Postby rotors99 » Thu Nov 7 2013, 12:28

Would anyone have a Ground Crew SOP for loading & unloading PAX they could share please?

Cheers & many thanks
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Re: Ground Crew SOP

Postby Torquer » Fri Dec 20 2013, 06:48

Base your procedures on the national standard. Can't go wrong. PM me if you need to have detail drafted in your company's format.
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Re: Ground Crew SOP

Postby QMB » Fri Dec 20 2013, 11:00

I just had a look at the link to see who could deliver this course but no one is listed. I have previous flight deck quals that I would like to transfer across, can you point me in the right direction by any chance?

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Re: Ground Crew SOP

Postby Tactical71 » Fri Dec 20 2013, 15:24

I don't have anythng specific in writing that I can attach but here is what we do for our passenger flights at field days etc.

Identify which side of the aircraft you will be loading and unloading from and ensure all crew and pilot are aware of this. Stick to it!
Make sure the waiting area is properly marked with required signage.
Ensure all pax are fully briefed before moving out to the aircraft. Dont rush it. Give them the opportunity to clarify things and ask questions about the proceedures.
Make sure they know to keep close to you when moving arond the aircraft if you are doing hot loading/unloading.
Identify to the pax what order they will be getting into the aircraft in and what seat they will be in (more so for hot loading) during the brief.
Ensure parents have positive control of children, i.e. holding their hand.
Once loaded, ensure the pax can operate the doors.
Ensure pax have headsets properly fitted.
Ensure seatbelts are secured correctly.
Do a final check of doors and latches for security.

Obviously a pax brief will cover all the required information you need to give them about the aircraft, safety features, emerg procedures and so on and so on.

Most inportant thing I can think of, for hot loading and unloading, DONT RUSH THINGS. Thats when accidents happen. Do things in order and that way you will be doing it systematically and efficiently, rather than rushing things and having something go wrong.

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Re: Ground Crew SOP

Postby Rebuilder » Sat Dec 21 2013, 14:00

[quote="Tactical71"]I don't have anythng specific in writing that I can attach but here is what we do for our passenger flights at field days etc.
Tactical, good too see someone start a discussion with some actual suggestions, vary rare on this forum!

A couple i must add:
Too bad if the parents don't want u to touch their kids, if they are in an area where there is a tail rotor spinning, you hold their hand with a death grip, harder than you have ever held before and you take them to the helicopter without the parents.

remove hold loose items that can bow away, NO not from downwash, from wind, If the wind blows someones hat off, chances are they will run after it.

Trusting the general public to stay close is not enough, before long, someone will decide they want to go around the other side. They will do this by ducking under the tail. Stay between them, and the tail, they can not get behind the skids. If they do, you tackle them to the ground.

And the most important thing that tactical said, which i emphasize, dont rush. Most helicopters cost a lot more in maintenance hours than they do in fuel hours. That collective is the money lever, not the engine. Let the chopper and pilot wait!

Read some of the ATSB reports on people being killed on the ground before the flight even begins!
Pretty stupid accidents can occur if you do not go through a decent ground crew training course!

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