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Postby heli2o » Fri Mar 6 2015, 08:35

This looks quite nice. Bonus for the full perspex door.
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Re: SKYe SH09

Postby godfather007 » Fri Mar 6 2015, 10:24

Awesome looking machine.
Can't wait to have a steer and potentially operate one.
I'm hoping they are thinking of pilot comfort and ergonomics, not just on passengers comfort unlike Bell and other American products.
Like any new machine in the world or here, one would feel like a test pilot until they are fully proven to any environment and Australian conditions, but from what I know I'm more than happy to have a go.
Good luck to them and bring it in I say!
In saying that, I still believe the AS350 (my favorite) is the best single engine platform to date and a hard one to beat.
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Re: SKYe SH09

Postby phugoyd » Sat Mar 7 2015, 03:31

Superior manoeuvrability with an advanced bearing-free rotor system with 5-blades in full composite with the advantages of a fail-safe design and corrosion free, all of which will bring reduced maintenance requirements, low life cycle costs, low vibration levels and the highest degree of reliability and safety with absence of risk of mast bumping.

Hmm, always worry when something claims to be Fail Safe in aviation.

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