Jammed / Slope / Pre-Solo

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Jammed / Slope / Pre-Solo

Postby choppernut » Tue Jul 15 2008, 12:18

Time to catch up on the last few lessons...

Jammed Controls - if i perform a thorough pre-flight and kindly ask the pax to keep there bags, phones, cameras etc out from under the collective / don't let that water bottle roll under a pedal - then hopefully the chances of a jammed control are at least slimmer.

How to fly / land a helicopter that's stuck out to one side - pedals were the first control looked at, and the with the instructors foot on the left pedal and mine requested to be flat on the floor... I was asked to try and land the thing (after a demo). Disregarding my instructors left hoof on the pedal - check for obstructions, can't be freed (with reasonable force)...raise the collective, nose swings round, settles, raise the collective, nose swings round, settle... this went on for the majority of the length of the runway until I was "rescued" :oops: . I wasn't realising the impact of the cyclic movement I was inputting at the same time which simply held the machine airborne long enough to have the collective effect countered. Have another crack at that - better. I was also reminded that I still have two other controls and I'd be better off going around and having another attempt (of course keeping an eye on fuel / weather / light etc). I felt comfortable with a jammed right pedal (and left for that matter) in a hover - wind that throttle off and cushion on.

Coming in with the collective jammed was similar to landing with limited power (ie run on landing). Found these more confortable as the pedals were available to keep you straight. This lesson was good because it was the first time I had a good go at feeling what the effect (and the input required) when manipulating the throttle.

Ahh the cyclic - one of those areas we talk about but nothing practical in the air. Of course depending on which position the cyclic is jammed, I think my two options given during the briefing were pray and get everyone on board to move (at the same time) to affect c of g. It sounded silly at the time, but I reckon I'd give it a shot if the situation arose (at least I hope I remember it).

Slope Landings
Went out to YHOX and couldn't even see it (my relationship with fog continues) so went back to YSBK and thought the lesson would be canned but just then the instructor said we'll use the drain / runoff areas near the taxi way and tried several right skid up slope and left skid up slope landings and take offs. I remember reading the notes the night before and thought 5 deg slope couldn't be that much could it - but I could definitely notice that attitude change when sitting in the cabin. From the book - Dynamic rollover - originally when I started my training I thought it had more to do with purely coming in contact with a ground obstruction rather than the skid could also be acting as a pivot point-more to take on board. Have I got enough power for OGE, are the conditions right for me to get the more favourable skid up slope? More questions, as a pilot, I'm having asked of myself and by myself (starting to get a bit more serious now and it's only the start). Don't Rush, must remember to take it nice and slow on these! We buzzed over to a small rise and tried a few up slope landings and on one thought I could feel the thing "moving" downwards - must remember always be ready to lift off again if I'm (or the machine for that matter is) not happy with the situation. Apart from treating all landings as basically slope landings, an important aspect I took away was the importance of pax briefing and letting them know where you want them to depart from the machine - to. I suppose you become "used" to being around them and hopefully when I encounter pax one day I hope I remember that some people have never been associated with them and I explain properly to them the safety issues (that goes for all ops - responsibility).

And just for good measure, had my pre solo this morning (actually thought I was down to do something else)- my flight - to prove I'm safe enough to be set free (if only momentarily)...out to YHOX for circuits. While not perfect, I feel I conducted the flight well and took on board the instructors suggestions earnestly during and post flight. I suppose I have an idea on what might be coming on Thursday morning... :( :)

Until next time...

Choppernut :D

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