Apology to Evil Twin re JOTD

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Apology to Evil Twin re JOTD

Postby MicN7 » Mon Nov 16 2009, 09:40

I reckon this wasn't the website you intended to sign into ET.


ET good on you mate - however looking at Johnny Drama's 'offering', and some of the other JOTD's before I reckon I might be on a losing streak here.
To clarify - my Partner loves the site, my Son in Law flies too, and - well, the whole big extended family enjoys helicopters.

These are the people who made or had imposed on them huge sacrifices so that a few of us (mainly blokes) could go and pull sticks instead of having to get a real job...

We do also recognise that our potential clients (those who pay for the AV gas and maintenance that keeps an expensive piece of gear like a chopper in the air) might also be described as towel-rag heads, refugees or boat people, blacks or coloureds, jews, geeks, muslims etc etc etc,

Not to mention more than a few of our pilots too..

so we don't really get into having a laugh at the expense of marginalised minority groups - let alone the offensive or profane which tends to be unpalatable to women (even white) in their being objectified in that process.

So ET - please put yours back up mate. In the cold light of JD's latest the wit in yours is razor edged, and I aplogise for shoving my nose in in the first place.

Over and Out. Mic
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Re: Apology to Evil Twin re JOTD

Postby nymagee » Mon Nov 16 2009, 20:38

This post is just a tad :? But I’m guessing the post to the intended recipient/’s would be served by a more person all means - just a thought
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Re: Apology to Evil Twin re JOTD

Postby hand in pants » Mon Nov 16 2009, 23:49

Looks like the fun police are up and running.

Lets flick out the racist card while we're at it shall we..............
Hand in Pants, I'm thinking, my god, that IS huge!!!!!!!!

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