New member introduction, ATP, CFII and A&P

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New member introduction, ATP, CFII and A&P

Postby dr.rotorhead » Fri Oct 1 2010, 15:46

Hello fellow aviation professionals,

Thank you for letting me join this great site. I live in the US and worked as fish spotter in Alaska. Now I am more involved in flight training and just got my helicopter instrument instructor. I am ready for a new professional challenge. Any suggestions?

fly safe

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looking for new professional challenge
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Re: New member introduction, ATP, CFII and A&P

Postby helothere » Sat Oct 2 2010, 00:04

Welcome to the site Bernie. I reckon you must get the award for the most qualified pilot to ask the question "what should I do?" If you do a search for faa licence ('Search Forum' at the top right) you should find plenty of discussion on converting to an Australian one. There is only a small handful of schools here who teach instrument flying, the larger operators seem to do it in house. That said, there are some fairly well paid positions in that small handful.

Offshore and EMS are both pretty big over here and both present a good challenge to enter and become proficient at. Most offshore is conducted in multi engine IFR machines such as the Super Puma, EC225 and S76. EMS/SAR use a variety of machines including B412, BK117, EC145, AS365 and AW139, to name a few.

At the other end, if you prefer 'seat of the pants' stuff, there is a lot of seasonal heli mustering and miscellaneous bush flying throughout the year. Stock experience is preferred with this type of stuff and you must be prepared to 'rough it'.

Then there is everything else in between. That's why you became a helicopter pilot right? For the variety...

Good luck, let us know where you end up!

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