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google earth

Postby skyleena » Wed Jun 8 2011, 06:30

How long does google earth take to download? I'm also downloading google earth plug in but they are taking forever. Does anyone know how long it should take?
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Re: google earth

Postby Rattlegun » Wed Jun 8 2011, 07:30

Try here


Ninja edit:
Came back to edit this post as I felt it may come off somewhat snide. Sorry. Its neither the tone nor atmosphere that I'd like so see on a site like this.

That being said there is no straight forward answer to either of your questions. I can download and install the full version of Google Earth in well under 5min with most plugins (like this one for Australian Air Space) in under 60 sec on an ADSL2+ connection with your average (although newish) nerdbox. Your slow download is most likely due to a slow internet connection, although it could be a hardware/software issue. Carry out a speed test then head over to, probably the best IT resource of the entire Australian interwebs. It's primarilary an Australian ISP discussion board, but with loads of info on everything IT.

I hope I've been of some help, but honestly, I'm not sure what one can expect from a bunch fling wing fettishists?

Good luck,

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