National Danger Wire Map

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National Danger Wire Map

Postby Jabberwocky » Sat Mar 26 2016, 02:11


I've been thinking about starting to make a Danger wire map for the country that we could all have access to. It would most probably be made as a kml, for easy opening for all in Google Earth. It does however open up a can of worms;
Would it be possible to do and also waive liability for those offering it? Make it advisory only and such.
Do you think better airmanship would void the need for one? I do know of the 120 accident where the pilot hit a wire near Cessnock a few years ago in bad weather.
Should I even bother?

Very much open to discussion and interested to see if many think it a worthwhile exercise. It would provide access to information some pilots are not usually privileged to, but does that also allow other to throw caution to the wind since they have a better idea of where these things are? /devils advocate.

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Re: National Danger Wire Map

Postby emuman_30 » Sat Mar 26 2016, 10:36

Sounds like a great idea Jabberwocky. It will not be long and the RFS will start with night flying on the fireground. Surely the information would be available through the power companies. They would have to have all the info of types of poles, wires and directions. Colloborate the info and turn it into an APP.
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Re: National Danger Wire Map

Postby mdav » Sat Mar 26 2016, 12:14

Great idea, should not take away from basic airmanship but there are those random wires that only local knowledge could provide, such as some crazy hill top to hilltop across a gully type. Even high towers.
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Re: National Danger Wire Map

Postby Heliduck » Sat Mar 26 2016, 12:19

I had a similar thought years ago while flying surveys but I convinced myself that the best defence against wires is to assume they are everywhere, conduct Recce's & fly accordingly. For example if I have a map which tells me that there are wires 5 miles ahead of my position I could be lulled into a false sense of security that there aren't wires 1 mile ahead of me. If you're talking about Higher risk wires which cross valleys etc at higher AGL levels then that could be a more valuable tool, but I would still have the same concern. Always fly below (spraying) or above wire height, stay above the line between two ridge lines & save the canyon running for areas which you have conducted a recce & know well is the advice I received, good advice I reckon.
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Re: National Danger Wire Map

Postby ozloadie » Sun Mar 27 2016, 16:19

A recce is done for one of two reasons; To answer a question or to confirm what is there.
Any recce has value.

Any and every wire map has value.

There are two considerations with wire that should be kept in mind:

1) When you encounter wires that you are aware of, you are confirming what you anticipated and looking for change, ie existence, extension or directional change.

2) Your wire recce is only good while you are doing it. A wire can be dismantled/erected/redirected in minutes after you have passed and alter what you considered as a known entity.

So what happens when you return over what was recced? See 1).

Really it's a recce every flight!
And wires go down to fence height.
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