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Bermagui HLS

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Bermagui HLS

Postby jaybee » Tue Dec 27 2011, 09:12

Hey Guys,

need help to find a HLS in Bermagui, have some VVIP's to fly there soon.

Feel free to PM me,

thanks for your help.

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Evil Twin
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Re: Bermagui HLS

Postby Evil Twin » Tue Dec 27 2011, 09:45

What is a VVIP? Very Very important person, sounds quite silly doesn't it when not abbreviated, very very important. What utter testicle5.

More important than your own family? Perhaps just more important than your best mate but not more than your children or parents.

I have never understood why we as humans place others on such a pedestal that we are prepared to treat them differently or as if their mere existance is more important than anybody else's.

My children are very very important people.

Sorry didn't mean to hijack your thread but it's all a question of perspective.
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Re: Bermagui HLS

Postby notam » Tue Dec 27 2011, 09:56

Golf course is the closest piece of dirt that is private land give them a call
Or Bega council there is plenty of room on the headland you cant miss it

Or if there so important tell the bastards to get a limo from Merimbula airport
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Re: Bermagui HLS

Postby choppermech1986 » Tue Dec 27 2011, 09:59

Anyone who's willing to pay massively inflated prices for a trouble free, discrete, professional service so as to make my boss lots and lots of money for a service that would normally yield much, much less of a margin.

Do your children care if the machine doesn't start first time or you have to race back into the hangar to grab the maintenance release, rotors turning, at the same time, tripping over the f**king airhose and sliding face first along the floor?

You're dead right, it's all perspective, it's just a stupid helicopter flight and we all end up in the same ground whether we're a VVIP or DERO, but I'm ALL for wealthy people ploughing money into the aviation industry.
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Re: Bermagui HLS

Postby truthinbeer » Tue Dec 27 2011, 12:49

Failing the Golf Club, there are private caravan parks just near Camel Rock to the north, and a couple of klm to the south on the Tathra road are some private farms adjacent to the beach at Cuttegee where it would make for spectacular landing view if you got permission. I think someone lands a float plane at the caravan park near Camel Rock - it's at the end of Regatta Point Rd on Wallaga Lake. Also more farms running down to beach at that location as well. Maybe ask the local real estate if you can't get permission from golf course or council.

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