Frazer island ..hervey bay

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Frazer island ..hervey bay

Postby chocolate » Wed Nov 21 2012, 21:14

Hi all... have read the qld ersa procedures (nanny state in action?). Any tips for flying in this area. .? Best route to take to island. . . Best coffee n lunch stop that's heli friendly. Pvt op. (planning for may .). Looking for day trip with lunch stop or maybe it's a morning place only? Suggestions and information to make this a memorable visit welcome.
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Re: Frazer island ..hervey bay

Postby JT » Wed Nov 21 2012, 23:49

If you feel adventurous, I use to fly scheduled IFR/VFR flights out to Lady Elliot Island approx. 70nm off the coast north west of Hervey Bay (track 311 or something).
It's about 30 mins over water, but fear not as Bundaberg has a AGL rescue chopper their if you need a winch out of the drink.

It's a short hop out from Sandy Cape the tip of fraser or a short 50 odd mile hop from Bundaberg. Just google Lady Elliot Island, I would highly recommend a visit if you are already up that way. Stay for the night, snorkel the reef, dive or just relax.

Musgrave island is also just off to the NW of Lady Elliot.

PM if you want the GPS position of Lady Elliot, It is privately operated so I can put you in touch with the people who run the island and associated aviation business as well.
Island has AVTUR and AVGAS that can be arranged if you need it, however it would be expensive.

My advice is that if you are only VFR rated with no A/H in the machine avoid it if there is any forecast of rain or weather, as VFR over water in inclement weather with no distinct horizon is as good as IFR when you are surrounded by grey skies and ocean.

On a clear day, it's a slice of hidden paradise and pleasure to fly to and from.

Food for thought.


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