Offshore Helicopter Pilots

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Offshore Helicopter Pilots

Postby KOALA » Fri Nov 6 2020, 03:35

Seems a bit dodgy.

Advertising on seek and the pay range on seek looks pretty bad.

Anyone have any information to share about this mob?

Job Description
Job Header
Offshore Helicopter Pilots
Flex Crews
More jobs from this company
Job Information
Job Listing Date
4 Nov 2020
Perth, CBD, Inner & Western Suburbs
Work Type
Full Time
Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Aviation Services

Roles for experienced offshore S92 pilots are becoming available.


Motivated, individuals with excellent references and client focus,
Minimum 2 years experience in offshore helicopter industry,
Captains: ATPL 3000 hrs TT, 1500 hrs CMD, 1000 hrs MEIC, 100 hrs type
First Officers: CPL 500 hrs TT, 50 hrs ME, 50 hrs type

If you feel you have the required skills, background, references and most importantly work ethic to work with our clients, please apply online now with an up to date CV and 2 x current industry referees. For further information or to register your interest, please go to .

Note: Our website will automatically acknowledge application receipt. If you do not hear from us after submission (allow a few minutes), please use the contact procedure. All candidates will be contacted in due course. Candidates chosen for progression will be notified and given further instructions. Acceptance into the Flex Crew database does not guarantee work. ... ddb82a40c0
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Re: Offshore Helicopter Pilots

Postby skypig » Fri Nov 6 2020, 08:13

Some sort of “contract” employer apparently.
Typically “rent you out” @ 5”X”, and pay you “X”.

Everyone wins:
End employer gets a pilot without offering any security whatsoever.
Flewcrew make money out of the pilot.
The Pilot gets enough money to buy lube.....

Cynically, and without specific knowledge: I’d describe them as “grease, for the race to the bottom”.
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Re: Offshore Helicopter Pilots

Postby godfather007 » Fri Nov 6 2020, 12:03

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Re: Offshore Helicopter Pilots

Postby bigglesbutler » Fri Nov 6 2020, 23:10

Similar to the helispeed model in the UK I suspect, look at the wording closely:

Roles for experienced offshore S92 pilots are
becoming available.

It looks like it isn't an EOI or a job advert it is flex crews looking to get people on their books to then tout to the operators.

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Re: Offshore Helicopter Pilots

Postby FerrariFlyer » Sat Nov 7 2020, 01:30

Hard to tout to anyone when no one is on the books!

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Re: Offshore Helicopter Pilots

Postby TreeTrimmer125 » Sat Nov 7 2020, 06:08

An age old system used in just about every industry - in the past we just called them "recruiters"

I recall a company called "LineUp" from my early days as an aircraft engineer. They were huge in the UK. Promised you lots and delivered little. The "read the fine print" took on a whole new level. :roll:

Same model different name I guess....

I do wonder though as to how many operators would actually make use of companies such as this one. I can see this being more effective in the airline market or for short term - "I need a holiday replacement" - kind of approach.
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Re: Offshore Helicopter Pilots

Postby Yankee » Mon Nov 9 2020, 11:07

Dumbest concept ever... a company is still going to have to give “required training” and currency/proficiency training before throwing an unknown pilot on the line... well at least that’s the case in the US.

There was an offshore helicopter accident in the US about six or seven years ago. After the accident the FAA did the background investigation of the pilots logs. It was found in the pile had only about 400 hours total time.

The company had required 1500 hours For employment. The pilot had doctored his logbooks.

I don’t think this flexcrews concept is a good one for anybody.
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