R44 AME Required

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R44 AME Required

Postby DanHeath » Thu Jul 6 2017, 07:56

Job Description:
Responsibilities – Director of Maintenance (DOM)

· The DOM is the 14 CFR 119.65 delegate and is responsible for ensuring Company aircraft are maintained in accordance with Company manuals and FARs.
· Key safety position which ensures all Company personnel, processes and procedures, promote safety, security, quality and regulatory compliance for all Company operations.
· Provide overall leadership and direction for the Maintenance Department.
· Responsible to ensure that changes to Maintenance Department are coordinated to coincide with the release of revisions to manual(s) that reflect that organization.
· Formulate departmental processes to support and administer Company policies and procedures.
· Engage in studies relating to current developments in the area of Maintenance to aid in achieving efficient utilization of labor resources.
· Make adjustments to methods, policies, and procedures; and provides for a continued improvement in the safety, efficiency, and productivity of the group.
· Has the overall responsibility for lower management to determine and approve the types and quantities of special tools and test equipment to be used at each Maintenance Station and to ensure that proper tools have been obtained.
· Perform applicable duties in support of Company Voluntary Disclosure Program
· Accomplish other duties assigned.

AD/SB tracking
Update Parts Inventory
Coordinate Mechanic's schedules and vacation request. Monitor overtime.
Work directly with Chief Instructors regarding completion times or delays and regarding health of fleet and upcoming MX.
Maintain appropriate MX records and meet with FAA for inspections.

Job Requirements:
Qualifications - Director of Maintenance (DOM)

· MUST hold a valid FAA Mechanic’s Certificate with both Airframe and Powerplant Ratings.

· MUST meet the requirements of 14 CFR 119.67(c)(1-3)(4)(i-ii).

· MUST have three years’ experience within the past six years; one year must have been in one or a combination of the following:

o At the time of appointment as a Director, Maintenance, experience in maintaining Robinson Helicopters

· MUST be knowledgeable of FARS, aviation safety standards, safe operating practices, Company Maintenance Manuals, FAA-approved Operations Specifications, and applicable maintenance provisions of 14 CFR 135.


Please contact Ben Fouts - President Mauna Loa Helicopters at 808 334-0234 or by email - ben@maunaloahelicopters.com

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