Aircrew Officer - Touring Babcock

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Re: Aircrew Officer - Touring Babcock

Postby AKH » Mon Mar 4 2019, 08:17

Hello, Any you learned BS members got any info on this role....requires Emergency Services experience?? Thanks in Advance :D :D :D :D
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Re: Aircrew Officer - Touring Babcock

Postby Tactical71 » Thu Mar 14 2019, 02:29

While I can’t speak for the company, I know of other companies that prefer crewman who have emergency service experience, especially Police and Ambo’s. Experienced Police and Ambo’s tend to be a little calmer under pressure and are able to make good decisons during a critical incident. Their experience in attending life threatening emergency incidents on a daily basis puts them in a good position to manage an emergency incident as a crewman. Not saying other non emergency service personnel can’t but, certainly most police and ambo’s or ex-police and ex- ambos in tbe industry have a solid emergency background which makes them a good aircrewperson when attending an emergency situation.

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