Update on our Life and Trauma cover offering

Loss of licence, TPD, loss of income and more.
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Update on our Life and Trauma cover offering

Postby Planner » Fri Jun 20 2014, 02:08

Just an update on a previous post about a month ago regarding insurance cover price hike for Ag pilots.

As it turned out, the insurer went completely jellyback on aviation clients and has made it nearly impossible to insure any commercial pilot (rotary or fixed wing) regardless of duties. All occupations from Ag flying to scenic were impacted. However, after many weeks of phone calls/waiting I have finally got a replacement insurer who will provide cover on the same terms with a couple of minor changes. Life and trauma cover are still offered for pretty much all aviation duties undertaken in Australia/NZ airspace at standard/unloaded rates without any exclusion (apart from aerobatics) but the TPD product is no longer available. However, a limited income protection cover is now part of the offer. To qualify for cover you need to be pretty much under full-time care for at least a 30 day period and they will only pay up to $5,000 per month. Not for everyone but some may be interested. The new insurer is also way more flexible regarding using existing super funds to meet premiums.

There is another income protection offer that is available solely for Westpac Rescue Helicopter pilots AND aircrew (including those guys that hop on the winch) which I am hoping to get more information on this afternoon. I will post more then.

Anyone who was covered under my previous insurer is still covered under the same terms. This only impacts new clients.


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