NZ or Aus ATPL's

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NZ or Aus ATPL's

Postby Eagle » Fri Nov 1 2019, 03:13

As I often find myself with downtime between flights I am thinking of starting to study for my ATPL theory exams. I did my initial flight training in NZ where I got my NZ CPL which I then converted to an Australian licence as that is where I am now working. I would eventually like to return to NZ but I am aware that there are far more multi crew jobs in Australia.

As the conversion between licences is fairly straight forward, I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on which ATPL theory exams would be better to sit, CASA or CAA?

I have read some stuff about the CASA exams having quite a lot of irrelevant questions, does anyone have any experience with the NZ exams? The flight time requirements for the flight test seem to be fairly similar.
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Re: NZ or Aus ATPL's

Postby Icefather » Fri Nov 1 2019, 11:24

It really depends. You can’t convert the exams so I’d do it where you’re most likely to get a job. It would suck if you worked into a NZ job and was on your way to an ATPL but had the Australian ATPL exams done. Remember now that Australia don’t have the VFR ATPL you will require an instrument rating. Obviously IREX is one exam and more involved compared to the broken down 3part exams.

I’m currently studying the NZ ATPLs and By all accounts most exams are fixed wing based and a little irrelevant I’m not sure what CASAs ones are like.

It’s one of those dark areas where like most helicopter pathways aren’t well defined and a bit of a Grey area.

I’m also interested to hear what others who have recently cracked an ATPL how they went about it and what they would recommend.

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Re: NZ or Aus ATPL's

Postby Fill-level » Sat Nov 2 2019, 08:57

The only reason , people did the OZ ATPL , there was no flight test, now there is very little between them

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