New Robinson Safety Notice.

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1st Dan
1st Dan
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Re: New Robinson Safety Notice.

Postby rotors99 » Fri Nov 18 2016, 09:03

Gets airspeed back....the loss of which, was the cause of getting into VRS in the first season place!! Going sideways to regaining lost airspeed seems a tad wierd to me, bloody awkward too pop;
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Gold Wings
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Re: New Robinson Safety Notice.

Postby Birdy » Fri Nov 18 2016, 11:02

I would have thought, if your already standing on the left peddle, and add left cyclic, then youd have both rotors thrusting the same direction, so exit would have to be earlier.
I understand that it would feel wired, if youv always poled forwards.
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Re: New Robinson Safety Notice.

Postby Mallard » Sun Nov 20 2016, 08:37

Makes sense to me... pole forward, left right backwards the disc doesn't care.

Combine pole right and left pedal... kind of like having pole forward but with a propeller (aka tail rotor) also helping to push you out of the vortex.

Can't hurt... Be interested to see it demonstrated to see how much of a yaw you get on.

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