Searching For Pilot Steve... I NEED YOUR HELP!!

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Searching For Pilot Steve... I NEED YOUR HELP!!

Postby loren » Tue Apr 21 2015, 04:59

Hey Guys & Girls,

My name is Loren, I am searching for a chopper pilot who was a friend of my mums back in the 80's. I have something VERY IMPORTANT I need to pass on to him, and am hoping some people out there may know him and help me locate him, as I have exhausted all other options over the past few years.

The facts as I know them:
He called himself "Steve", so he could be Steve, Steven or Stephen
He said his surname was Smith (but we are not 100% on this)
He flew around North Western Australia during the mid 1980's, but he could have also flown other parts of the country too
He flew a band (in or out we are not sure) of Exmouth, WA in late 1985. The band was called "The Troupadore's"
When he did this flight in 1985 he would have been roughly 27 years old (give or take a few years)
This would make him roughly 56 to 58 years old now
He was shy
He had a New Zealand accent
My mothers name was Wendy, he met her during his stay.
We are not sure if he was a chopper pilot or a fixed wing pilot

I hope this rings a few bells for some people out here who may have known him or still know him. It is very important that I am able to locate him within the next few months. So if you know of him or anyone that would or might have known of him (like others who flew in or around Exmouth, Karratha, Canarvon, Broome, Port Headland (North Western Australia) during the mid 1980's), please ask around or supply names. You can leave a post or contact me direct on:

Loren Johnson
lorenjamesjohnson at
0450 004 382

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Re: Searching For Pilot Steve... I NEED YOUR HELP!!

Postby flyboy111111 » Tue Apr 21 2015, 12:51

So Loreen , 48 pilots named "Steve" just gulped n near s$&t themselves, 42 of them tought for a second and relaised it can't have been them due to age. 6 are now quivering in fear, but only one ( or maybe two) are seriously thinking of selling there house and taking a contract in PNG.....
Can you share with us as to why you want to find him?
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Re: Searching For Pilot Steve... I NEED YOUR HELP!!

Postby ChicoCheco » Tue Apr 21 2015, 21:31

I bet he wasn't THAT shy.

Well, all I can suggest is certain big aviation forum that has Aussie/NZ section 'Godzone and Dununda' and it seems it's frequented by wider mix of general aviation pilots, especially if some airplane guys could have an idea. This forum wouldn't have too many 'airplane only' pilots unless closer helicopter admirers maybe.

It *may* be easier to establish what company was operating in that time in area, then see if anyone running the ops that time is contactable/around and then about searched person.

Slightly less 'long shot' than your thread/post.

Type of aircraft, brands/logos, base location, all these if remembered could provide leads.

I'll get 10% of that backpay alimony won in court as commission leading to success, using my help, please. :)

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