Degree of near miss SAAB 340

General stuff that gets thrown about when Helicopter Pilots shoot the Breeze.
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Degree of near miss SAAB 340

Postby ozloadie » Mon Mar 20 2017, 00:32

The propellor assembly that separated from the SAAB 340 was reported observed by the crew to be flying aft over the wing.
Lucky it didn't burble!
Interesting aerodynamics.
It would be interesting also to know how close it came to the tail section.
No report of the prop assy being recovered yet.
Definitely one out of the bag for the crew, who did good.
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Re: Degree of near miss SAAB 340

Postby up-into-the-air » Tue Mar 21 2017, 04:52

Here is the pressure we need.

#casa has missed the action and #airservices routes a SAAB without a propeller over 40 NM north of a landing point.

Good reasons for a Judicial inquiry. )c/

PS: Prop found

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