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Postby helothere » Tue Nov 8 2005, 10:26

Before I did a HUET course with careflight I thought I'd be OK if I had to ditch in water. Just get out, right? How wrong I was. After doing the theory and getting dunked a few times I was amazed at how disoriented I became under water. Removing the seatbelt too soon means floating up to the floor of the aircraft (you will most likely be upside down). Add to that darkness, cold, panic and water up the nose and you may start to get an idea of what you are up against.

The training provided is excellent and I am now confident that I am armed with skills that may one day see me through a sticky situation. Look up careflight here -

If you EVER fly over water then do a HUET course.
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Postby Mike Becker » Thu Nov 24 2005, 07:06

Am doing one next year. Looking forward to it
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Postby Capt Moron » Sat Dec 3 2005, 07:21

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) is certainly a worthwhile investment if you plan to fly over water.

Helothere is spot on about his pre-HUET belief that he would have stood a good chance of getting out of an inverted helicopter. Having a HUET course increases those odds from "kidding yourself" to having a "very good chance" of escape.

Inverted, cold sea - a very hostile environment for a human. Add to that any injuries sustained on impact and you have yourself a very big challenge for survival!

If you plan to fly over water - regardless of the depth or time of exposure - I would recommend spending the $500 (approx). Cheap insurance, as they say! :wink:

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Now HUET trained

Postby phugoyd » Fri Mar 17 2006, 07:04

Well that was brilliant and i agree with all that has been said above. I have just completed my HUET training down at sale.

Just the basic order that they teach you to get out is so important. Most people would just pop the seat belt and find themselves floating around without any clue where to get out. You would be pulling on all kinds of things thinking they are door handles, bubbles, maps and clothing wrapping around your face.

I listened to a few people who had done the course and thought i would have a good idea of what to do with there explanation but you have to do the whole course to really have a chance.

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Postby Accelerometer » Fri Mar 17 2006, 10:15

I've done both the Careflight and Red Alert course and can recommend both highly.

The facilities down at West Sale (Red Alert) are fantastic and the training crews very professional.

I believe the naval training school at Nowra has a method of simulating weather as part of their HUET high winds, waves, choppy seas etc.
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Postby TomOz » Fri Mar 17 2006, 22:26

Anybody who doubts the benefits of HUET training should read the following linked article: ... i_98540172

It's a good example of what happens when you do it right compared to doing it wrong, I think Rusty got out through sheer luck.

Has anyone had any experience using HEEDS?
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Postby phugoyd » Fri Mar 17 2006, 23:07

I enquired last year about this product and got this reply.


We are pleased to quote the following.
108399 SEA MK 1 A$760.00 delivery 14 days.
100698 UMP Black A$85.00 delivery ex-stock.
108325 Cylinder Fill adapter A$130.00 delivery 14 days
Plus Freight and GST.

Regards Mike Kinnane
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Huet Course

Postby Train Crash » Tue May 2 2006, 10:48

The HUET course has been the talking point at out base for the last week or so.

We have decided to put all line pilots through the course by the end of the year. The theory before that was if you ditch and make it out alive"don't swim towards land or the boss might catch up with you". :lol: :lol: :lol:

It can only be a good thing, hate to lose a team member.


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HUET - a must do

Postby CYHeli » Thu Dec 14 2006, 07:55

I just did a HUET with CareFlight and I can't believe that my original helicopter instructors didn't recomment this to me when doing my CPL training. TomOz, great link, that's a good reminder of why we train.
I live and fly in Melbourne. Most of the flights to and from the city are along the bay. If the noise stops, I would think that 99% of the time I will make land, but it only takes 1% of the times to go wrong. In the scheme of things, $500 odd for a HUET is very little when held up against the CPL training.
Anyone flying in Sydney or Qld that flies along the coast, or goes island hopping, think very carefully about it. If the a/c goes in the drink, the water and a/c don't care if you have a PPL or a CPL. If you have a spouse who flies over water with you, get them to do it too. For a PPL, family are the equivalent of the aircrew that news crews or other commercial operators carry. They do the training under OH&S, so why not family?
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Postby Low Time » Sat Dec 16 2006, 03:44

I was with CYHeli for HUET. Can only agree with the comments. In controlled conditions it was daunting enough. Never mind if it happened at night. The feeling of being in the dunker, holding your breath, not being able to see and having it roll thru 180 deg. :shock: All I can say is if you get the opportunity to do the training Go For It!! It will save your life.
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HUET training sydney

Postby Dunker » Tue Jul 10 2007, 04:40

Has anyone done HUET recently?
Or can anyone recommend a HUET provider? Preferably in the Sydney area.


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Postby wheatbix » Tue Jul 10 2007, 06:00

CareFlight Safety run a HUET course in the sydney area.

You can see a list of their upcoming huet courses here.
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Postby Twistgrip » Tue Jul 10 2007, 07:19

Did the HUET with CAREFLIGHT last year and was the most benneficial course ive completed in a while. highly reccomended!! :D
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Postby Uncle Chop Chop » Tue Jul 10 2007, 07:51

I did it last year with Careflight as well, awesome experience and well worth it, prepare to get wet !!
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Postby Desertflyer » Wed Jul 11 2007, 04:10

I was getting the feeling no one does it in W.A. (Wait Awhile), but apparently IFAP does it in Fremantle in the Freo harbour. Cool.
Any one done it with these fellows?

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HUET Training?

Postby Tightly Wound » Thu Jul 12 2007, 11:11

I guess that would be Helicopter Underwater Escape Training training!

Sorry I'll stop being a tool! Careflight does a ripper job up here in QLD. I hate water and I'm sick of doing it, but I'm glad I've done it.


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Postby zoomcage » Thu Jul 19 2007, 07:56

There is ERGT in Perth who run HUET.
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Postby Izzy Fullashat » Wed Nov 17 2010, 23:12

Hi All

Just a quick question about HUET. How long is the HUET certificate valid for? Or is it perpetual.

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Postby ZK-Pilot » Thu Nov 18 2010, 00:39

Certificate usually valid for two years. :)
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Postby helothere » Thu Nov 18 2010, 02:14

I believe it is now valid for three years unless otherwise stated on the certificate.

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