Medical done...time to hit the books

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Medical done...time to hit the books

Postby choppernut » Sun Apr 27 2008, 12:37

I've been back to the DAME last weekend and after his perusal of the various reports back from specialists he decided to rubber stamp the form and send it off to CASA - glad that's over for a year, hopefully not as much testing after jumping through some hoops for the initial. He said it could take a month or two for CASA to formally issue the ticket :o - not sure if any of you guys could shed some light on that for me.

For some reason I actually felt a bit nervous when I went back to the DAME, I suppose because there's so much at stake between approval or non approval which could mean the difference between fulfilling a life long dream, put hurdles in front of career progression or unfortunately end the working life of some. One thing I have been trying to keep in the back of my mind - to enjoy the journey and take each moment / phase / experience at a time. There's no use wishing I had my licence now or the test was tomorrow - I might miss out on something important (be it practical, theoretical or simply a personal achievement).

Time to study...I suppose I was always going down the road of "self study" as the time taken away from my full-time job would mean less time available to use for training purposes. Typical accountant :roll: , I've sat down with a spreadsheet and planned out the remainder of the year from a flying point of view to factor in practical / theory / budget around work / family and it will no doubt have to be made of very flexible rubber with all that challenges that will present themselves. If I was at a different stage of life I'm thinking my preference would have been to enrol in a full-time ground theory course and "get it out of the road". I do appreciate the comments I've read in some of the threads in relation to approaches / attitude toward studying. When I say get it out of the way, I mean in relation to the juggling of practical and theory from a timing point of view. I believe that my whole journey will be in a way a never ending learning curve, with referencing back to my study playing a role throughout my flying career.

Not having heard much about the on line theory I decided as I suppose like many before me to call AFT and discuss the DLC kit (i'm sure there are advantages and disadvantages in both). I actually decided to just get the HP&L book initially and then get the remainder of the kit in a few weeks or a month later. I thought this might not overwhelme me purely with regard to the quantity of information I'm going to have to get through this year. I 've started reading the text and will hopefully book in for my first exam in the next couple of weeks. At the moment I'm leaning towards the methodology of booking the exam and then study towards the date rather than only booking when I feel "comfortable" - we'll see how that goes. One aspect I'm hoping will help is that I will WANT to learn this stuff not that I HAVE to, as I know I've experienced with different study in the past. At the end of the day I suppose I could have ordered the whole kit but it's good just having the one book at the moment until I nut out my approach to learning this in relation to when and how etc and experience my first cyberexam.

Next...finally my first lesson...

Until next time...

choppernut :D

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